2 months old

Tracking a Toy


Ivy is 2 months old today, and becoming more alert and interested in the world around her everyday.  Today we tried tracking a toy with her eyes, seeing if she was able to watch the toy as I moved it in front of her.  A good activity to help develop her senses and focus her attention, as part of her Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Ivy was laying on her mat and happily looking around the room, then I started by holding the rattle in front of her and shaking it a little bit to try to get her attention.  Then I slowly moved it from one side to the other.  She didn't move her gaze the first time that I tried, but on the second go she followed the toy with her eyes as I moved it to both sides then up and down.  After doing that a few times she started to move her head as well, following the toy intently.  I also tried putting it in her hand, she was able to keep the grip and wave it around a little bit before dropping it.  It's so exciting seeing the beginning of her learning to play.

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