2 1/2 years old

Double Play Date


Today we went to a lovely friends' house for a play date.  It's so perfect because she also has a little boy who's Ethan's age and a little girl who's about 4 months older than Ivy.  Ethan and his friend play so nicely together, it's really quite incredible as they play in such similar ways that they never fight over a toy or anything, it makes for quite a relaxing time for us.  And now that Ivy's a little bit older she's able to have a little play as well.  It's great for both of their Personal, Social and Emotional Development to interact and share toys and space with other children.

It also happened to be a beautiful day today, so Ethan and his friend ran around collecting stones, playing on scooters, kicking the ball and making up their own little games.  While the girls were able to lay down on a mat in the shade, playing with squeaky toys and watching the world go by.  Not every play date is this relaxing, but it was so wonderful to be able to sit back and watch both children enjoy themselves without (too much) fuss, it was a lovely day!

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