2 1/2 years old

Playing Together


For the past couple of weeks it has been such fun watching Ethan and Ivy play together.  Now that she is a bit older she's enjoying spending more time laying on her play mat, and Ethan just loves to spend time with his little sister.  Whenever I put Ivy down, Ethan is right there with her wanting to play.  He likes to pretend that the play gym (she has the Rainforest Play Gym that we bought for him) is a car, he steers the mobile part at the top and watches the changing lights, pretending that they're traffic lights.  It's so sweet to see them playing together, and great for both of their Personal, Social and Emotional Development as they learn how to interact with each other.

It's incredible, because Ivy can be a bit grumpy or upset when I put her down, but as soon as Ethan slides in beside her, her face lights up!  She just looks up at him in awe, happily wiggling away while he pretends to drive her around.  He asks her questions to check if she's ok and tell her what he's doing in his imaginative play.  Watching them together makes me feel so happy and so lucky to have them both.

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