2 years old

Pimp My Ride - Making Ethan's Little Tikes Car into a Police Car


A few weeks ago Ethan got a Little Tikes ride in car, and has been loving playing with it.  There are a variety of different models of the Cosy Coupe cars available, but Ethan has the Union Jack one.  We decided that we could make his car into any type of car we like, just by creating some additions to it.  Today we made the car into a police car by adding a siren for the top and a walkie talkie inside.

I used one of the small flat Amazon boxes for the siren, it worked perfectly with flaps that could stick up.  We painted with part red and one part blue, then the rest of the box white.  Ethan did a lot of the painting himself, but I won't lie, I did fill in the rest so that it would clearly be a red and blue siren.  Then I found a small plastic container to use as the holder for the walkie talkie, we decorated it with star stickers, then I tied a string from the box to a toy phone and stuck it into the car (with blue tac so it wouldn't leave any marks).  

Ethan absolutely loved the whole process and couldn't wait to put the things we'd made onto his car.   I had to put the siren on while the paint was still dry, he was so impatient.  Now he drives around talking into his walkie talkie and making siren sounds, it's fantastic!

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