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Chocolate Easter Nests


To get ourselves truly ready for Easter, today was the day to make crispy nests!  I am loving how capable Ethan is now and that he can help with all of the steps of making them. Looking back at last year, Ethan helped to make crispy nests, but this year he did it all!  He broke up the chocolate, watched as we melted it, mixed it all up and scooped it into the cases.  

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What you'll need:

The first step is to break up the chocolate into a bowl to get it ready for melting.  This is great for building the strength in Ethan's hands and his co-ordination.  Then I melted the chocolate in the microwave, taking it out to stir it and discuss with Ethan what was happening to it.  Then he mixed in the corn flakes cereal (apologies that we don't have exact measurements, but this is one recipe that you don't have to be exact, guessing is fine!) Then Ethan scooped the mixture into the cupcake cases and placed one mini eggs on top of each one.  Then we put them in the fridge to harden, ready to eat later!

This year I definitely couldn't stop him from sampling the chocolate as he made the little cakes, he certainly knows what it is now!  He is going to be bouncing off the walls on Sunday, I can't wait!

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  1. These came out great. Thanks for allowing me to share them in my Easter Roundup!


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