2 1/2 years old

Car Tracks in Play Dough


Today Ethan got some new toy cars, and I noticed that they had different textured wheels so this was the perfect time to drive cars through play dough to see the tracks.  A great activity for Ethan's Physical Development in making the tracks and observational skills as part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

We got out the play dough and Ethan used the rolling pin to roll it out flat.  We then started driving the different cars through the dough and seeing the different tracks that they made.  We talked about pressing harder and softer on the car to make the tracks deeper and compared all of the tracks before rolling out the dough and doing it all again.  I'll be honest, the activity didn't last very long, Ethan was a bit distracted and wanted to drive his cars on his road mat, so the game quickly changed to racing around with his new cars!

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