2 1/2 years old

A Day at the Beach


We're on holiday! We made a last minute decision to have a long weekend in Cornwall, and it's just what we needed! There's nothing better than a change of pace and some fresh sea air to rejuvenate everyone. Ethan is absolutely thrilled and loving every minute of it, and it's Ivy's first holiday so she's definitely enjoying it as well! 

Today we went to Newquay and walked along Fistral Beach. It's not particularly warm, so we thought that flip flops and rolled up trousers would be suitable attire for the beach...oh how wrong we were! I swear we make this mistake on every holiday that we go on with Ethan, we take him somewhere with water and forget that he is such a water baby, that there's no chance that he won't go in and get soaked! 

We walked on the beach for about 2 minutes when he fell into a puddle that was a lot deeper than it looked! At first he was upset (the cold and the shock of it) but after the next time (of course) he was getting used to it and started jumping in on purpose! Then he started dragging me closer and closer to the sea to get caught by the waves, so of course I got soaked as well!

He had so much fun jumping in the deep puddles "there's a deep one Mummy!", chasing the waves "it's coming to get us!", collecting treasures for our sand castle and sinking our feet into the sand then magically making them pop back out "iggity ziggity zaggety zoom!" He was running around and squealing with delight, it is no exaggeration to say that I had to drag him away kicking and screaming! His hands and feet were red from the cold and he was completely soaked through, but he had the best time ever! 

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