2 1/2 years old

Garden Collection in the Tuff Spot


We finally got a Tuff Spot (builders tray / mixing tray) to play with in the garden, now it's time for messy play and small world play on a whole different level!  We only had a little while in the garden today, so we just started collecting things that we found, like dandelions and leaves and piled them up in the tray.  It's a great way of exploring outdoor materials as well as doing lots of counting activities as part of his Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy development.

Ethan loved collecting up as many things as he could (and finally being allowed to pick flowers!) and discovering all the treasures hidden in our garden.  I then got out his little dump truck, and asked him to fill it with different materials, so then he was sorting through what we had found and seeing how much he could fit into the truck.  Then as he took the different items out, we counted them together and talked about how many of each there were.  This is only the beginning, I can't wait for all of the fun things we're going to use the tuff spot for.

I would love some ideas, please let me know what you use yours for!

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