23 months old

Playing at the Beach


Today we had a long drive ahead of us, from Grandpa's house back to Nana's house, so we thought it would be good to take Ethan somewhere to run around a bit before getting into the car.  There is a great park and beach by Ethan's Grandpa's house, so we took him there for a look around.  He went on the slides for a little while, but then when he noticed the water he was right there!  He put his feet in and picked up handfuls of sand to throw in the water.  It was great fun, and good for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he learns about different places and ways of playing.

It was also good for our knowledge and understanding of Ethan...you can not expect to take such a water baby to the beach and only let him put his feet in!  It didn't take long before a fully clothed Ethan was sitting in the water and happily splashing away!  Lesson learned - always pack a swim suit, towel and change of clothes in the car!

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