23 months old

Meeting His Cousin


Today was a very exciting day for Ethan, as he got to meet his 6 year old cousin for the first time!  We've been talking about him and showing Ethan pictures of him ever since he was born, so needless to say he was very excited about finally meeting him in person!  Such a milestone for Ethan's Personal, Social and Emotional Development as he's meeting and getting to know so many family members on our trip to Canada.

The two boys got along fantastically, they had both heard so much about each other that it was like they were friends already.  At first I was concerned that because of the age gap (almost 5 years) that they would have nothing in common, but they happily played together in a variety of different ways.  They ran around outside, threw a ball back and forth, played with cars and chased each other around.  My favourite moment had to be when they sat together in a chair and Ethan's cousin read to him, my heart melted!

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