23 months old

Preparing to Travel


Today we are embarking on an adventure!  We are going to Canada!!!  It will be Ethan's first time visiting the country that I come from, and I can't wait to show him everything and for him to see (and meet for the first time in some cases!) lots of family and friends.  

The hard part today is the 8 hours on the plane, throughout the whole day, Ethan on our laps (he's not 2 yet so doesn't need his own seat) needing to be occupied and entertained for the whole flight.  Then arriving in Toronto and thinking it's time for bed, when actually it's 5 hours behind and he needs to stay awake!

Our plan for the flight involves this lovely TrayKit (a gift from Ethan's Auntie Nic, thank you!) filled to the brim with things to keep him busy:

The TrayKit opens up and attaches to the back of the seat and then the tray extends to come out onto the child's lap.  So it should make it easier for Ethan to play in a confined space.  We're also brining plenty of snacks, the ipad loaded with games and shows and headphones so that Ethan doesn't disturb any of the other passengers.  

Wish us luck for the flight :)  Looking forward to sharing all of our Canadian adventures with you!

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  1. We had a great holiday in Canada a few years ago, flying to Toronto then taking a car to Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal.

    Hope you had a great time seeing your family and friends in Canada - I've just had a quick look at some of your other posts and I think you did!!

    Thanks for sharing your post on the BritMums travel round-up linky.

    1. Thanks, we did have a fantastic time! Canada is a beautiful country, of course I love living in England, but going back for a visit does make me a bit homesick.

  2. What did you think of the Traykit?

    1. Hi Nicola, we love the Traykit! I won't lie to you, it gets a bit heavy if you load it up like we did (too heavy for Ethan to wear on his back) but once you're on the plane, it's fantastic! It extended the tray so that it reached his lap so that he could colour on it and drive his cars along it. It also hold quite a bit, so I didn't have to keep rummaging through other bags for the toys he wanted. All of other passengers with kids asked about it when they passed by our seats, it's definitely worth getting!


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