23 months old

Splash Park and Beach


Today we were very lucky to get a fantastically hot September day, so we took Ethan to the splash park and beach near his Nana's house.  Ethan is a true water baby, so it was very surprising that when we took him to a splash park in Berlin, that he didn't like it.  We were really hoping that this time we could build his confidence and help his Personal, Social and Emotional Development by giving him the chance to go in at his own pace and explore.

Ethan was definitely intrigued by the splash park, he loved to watch all of the different water fountains squirting water everywhere.  He was still quite reluctant to go in, but with some gentle persuasion he did put him hands or feet into some of the smaller fountains.  He was not keen on any that splashed water onto his head though.  I'm not sure if it's because of a lack of control or just unfamiliarity.  It really is a shame that we don't have more splash parks in England for him to go to and get more accustomed to them.  We'll just have to recreate our own in the shower somehow ;)  There's also a beach at the same park, and the contrast in his confidence levels from one to the other is huge.  We walked over to the beach, he went straight into the water and within a couple of minutes he was crawling around on his hands, kicking his legs and pretending to swim!

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