23 months old

Build a Bear Workshop


Today was a momentous occasion for Ethan, he made his first teddy bear! We went with his cousin to Build a Bear Workshop to make new little friends to take home.  It's such a fun shop, kids get to make their bear from start to finish and feel like they've really created something special.  It's such a fantastic activity as part of their Personal, Social and Emotional Development as they learn about creating and caring for their new bear.

Ethan started out by choosing his bear (he went for the pumpkin bear for Halloween) and then brought it to the stuffing machine, where one of the staff members helped him to fill his bear with fluff, and even give it a heart.  Ethan then chose an outfit and accessories for his bear (he chose a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey outfit and a suitcase and Canadian flag). Then it was time to choose a name for his bear (Canada) and make him a birth certificate.  Finally Ethan was finished and ready to take his bear home to love!

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