23 months old

Another Lovely Playdate


Today we went for a playdate at a friends' house (whose little boy is exactly a year older than Ethan).  The other little boy plays so nicely and shares all of his toys with no complaints.  Today Ethan wanted to be just like him, following him around, wanting to sit on the same chair as him and always wanting to play with whatever he had.  I realise in that sense that he just wanted to be exactly like him and I don't think that he was trying to be rude, but I kept having to go to him and persuade him to give the toy back.  He really is lucky that the other little boy has such patience with him!  We definitely need to work on sharing.  It will be very interesting to see, when we finally move into a house big enough to have playdates at our place, how Ethan does at sharing his own toys!

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