23 months old



Today Ethan had yet another first, his first time in a kayak!  He was very lucky today to have the opportunity to go in a kayak with Daddy (friends of ours have two kayaks and live by a lovely river).  Ethan absolutely loves boats, he likes to watch them on the Thames and is always singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat, but somehow he's never actually been on any type of boat! So we weren't sure how he would react, but we thought it would be great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World to be able to connect a real ride on a kayak with the song he loves to sing and the boats he sees on the river.

He absolutely loved the kayak!  He was excited from the moment we put his life jacket on, he was so relaxed about sitting in the kayak and actually lay back onto his Daddy as if he could fall asleep!  They rowed back and forth along the river for a little while and Ethan was so happily sitting down, but of course at one point our little water baby did stand up in the kayak and say "in water!"  Which was when we thought it might be time to get out of the kayak, as it wasn't a very warm day, and no one wanted to go in after him!

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