23 months old

Riverview Park and Zoo


Today was our first full day in Canada, and we took Ethan to the Riverview Zoo in Peterborough.  It is a lovely little zoo, and it's free to get in!  So it was a great day out, especially for a day that we weren't sure how long Ethan would last (oh the jet lag!)  He enjoyed looking at all of the animals, running from one enclosure to the next and seeing what else there was to see.  Great for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he learns about animals (and great for getting him to run around and distract him from how tired he is!)

All of the animals were fun to look at, but of course Ethan quite enjoyed chasing after the local wildlife...chipmunks!  He's never seen a chipmunk before, so it was a fun experience for him. There is also a fantastic playground there which Ethan really enjoyed playing in.  I highly recommend a visit to this zoo if you're in the area, it's a simple but fun day out for the kids.

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