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Learning Resources - Pretend and Play Post Office Set - Review


We were sent the lovely Pretend & Play Post Office set to review from Learning Resources. The set is great for role play as a part of Creative Development, as well as learning how a post office works and numeracy in the use of money.

Ethan absolutely loves this set!  It is recommended for ages 3 - 7, so obviously he is a bit young to use parts of it, but it's quite nice to know that we now have a toy that he'll be able to play with and enjoy for years to come.  The set comes with so many different pieces and offers play in a variety of different ways.  When Ethan is older he will be able to buy stamps and make change, pretend to weigh packages, exchange money to different currencies, buy a variety of post office products as well as playing in the ways that he does now.  

Today Ethan was able to 'write' letters, put them in envelopes, buy stamps, put the stamps on, post the letters and then collect all of the letters into the post bag.  As you can imagine, this kept him busy for ages.  He loved writing the letters and putting them into the envelopes.  He wanted to stick on all of the stamps (so we got out some other stickers to use as well) and he absolutely loved posting!  He happily posted letters over and over again, then collected them from the back and put them in the cute little post bag.

I absolutely love the way that the whole set opens up and stands up on it's own, has plenty of compartments to hold all of the elements of the set and then folds up quickly and easily for storage.  This is definitely a toy that Ethan will enjoy for a long time to come!

Discount offer!

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* This has been a review post, Learning Resources sent me the Pretend & Play Post Office set so that we could play with it and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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