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It's the last day of school before Easter holidays!!!  Well, it's not that exciting now is it?  We were actually going to be sneaking off a day early and should have been on our way to Florida right now, but since none of that is happening we definitely need to find ways to keep busy at home.  Our regular Play & Home Learning schedule is working really well for us, so we do want to keep to that same basic routine, but with more of a focus on play and Easter themed fun!

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I have altered the schedule a little bit to make it slightly less structured and with much more emphasis on play and family time.  If you would like to download a copy of the schedule please click here.

Active Play

We still want to get active first thing in the morning to get ourselves going, so here are some Easter and Spring themed videos to start off our days:


My children actually love a maths worksheet, I know that this won't be the same in every house, so you can fill in this time with a game instead (we have plenty of board game ideas too!) but we will be doing a worksheet each day on a review topic from this term.  I also find that this keeps them busy so that I can get a couple of jobs done around the house.  Here are some Easter and Spring themed worksheets that we like:


Now is the time to just do some no pressure free writing each day.  If you print off some writing templates and choose a topic then just let your little ones write as they wish with no rules.  It might help to make them a word bank (list of words that they might use) if they sometimes stress about how to spell things.

Here are some writing templates that we like:
  • Journaling
  • Letter to the Easter Bunny
  • Easter cards for family and friends (take a photo and email it to them)
  • Story about the Easter Bunny going on an adventure
  • Instructions for an Easter Egg Hunt
And Writing Activities:

Creative Play

Another fun part of our day is our creative time, this can be set up and organised by you or just free time for the children to be creative.

Independent Creative Ideas:
Art Tutorials:

Virtual Days Out

I don't know about you, but when we are at home during a school break we often go for many days out, so now we will just have to do a different online day out each day!


The Arts

Me Time / Quiet Time

I realised that something that we have been lacking is some real time for reflection, and for me to be able to assess how the children are handling all of this.  So I've been looking for some resources that may help with this (besides our journals, which we are already writing)

Outdoor Play

Let's hope for warm weather for the next couple of weeks so that we can play in the garden each day!

Outdoor Play Ideas:


Family Time

We also want to spend some quality time together just being us, here's some of the activities that we love to do:

Hope you all have a lovely Easter break at home!

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