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As an extension on our previous post about Making Hand Washing Fun, we have now tried making our own squishy dough soap!  I have seen several different variations of these around in the past but never got around to trying to make our own, but if there's any time to experiment with making soap this is it!  A fun activity to keep the children busy, it doesn't use too much soap (and may actually make your soap go a bit further!) 

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It only takes a few ingredients that you probably have on hand at home (or can easily order from Amazon)

Ingredients for Squishy Dough Soap:

The squishy soap dough is super easy to make and can easily be made by children all by themselves.  The ingredients are also easily swappable to suit what you have at home.  We made this batch with our favourite Childs Farm Hand Wash as it's gentle on the childrens' hands (and as we are lucky enough to be brand ambassadors for Childs Farm we did have a few bottles recently gifted to us).  I am going to experiment soon with using shower gel instead, as I know that it can be difficult to find hand wash at the moment.  I have also used Almond Oil in this batch, but will try sunflower oil for our next batch (I think that the best choice would be Childs Farm Baby Oil, but unfortunately we don't have any at home at the moment.)

First you measure out 1/2 cup Corn Flour / Starch into a bowl.

Then add 2 tbsp Hand Wash to the bowl

Next add 3 or 4 tsp oil to the bowl

Finally you can add a few drops of colour to the bowl

Now it is time to mix (you can try with the spoon, but it is definitely much more fun with your hands!

Ivy made a lovely pink squishy dough soap, which she then spent a bit of time playing with and moulding into different creations.

Then I split it in half (and put some aside for another time) made it into a nice shape and left it by the sink for hand washing.  (It won't be for washing hands when we get in from anywhere as I still think that pure soap is more effective, but it should be fine for those in between hand washes when the children have just been home.)

Of course then Ethan wanted a go, so he measured and mixed together the ingredients next.

He decided to put a few drops of blue and a few drops of red colour to attempt to make purple.  The colours haven't blended (but probably would with more kneading) but he is quite happy with the swirl effect.

And that was it, so simple to make squishy dough soap, great fun to create with it and it will make hand washing a bit more fun for the children too!

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