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Easter Stick Puppets Craft


It is almost Easter and we are already excited for spring to come and welcoming it in with some fun crafts.  These puppets are so easy to make, they're the perfect after school invitation to create.

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What you'll need to make Easter Stick Puppets:

I like to set up a tray full of fun materials for the kids, then as soon as they get home from school I let them know what we're making and they can get straight to work.  They often end up adding a few more materials to the table or coming up with follow on crafts, it's such a great way to keep them creating after school.  They loved the idea of making Easter stick puppets and set to making straight away.

We had some foam shapes that were Easter themed, but I also put out some foam sheets so that they could trace the shapes or draw their own to cut out as well.  Ethan started by tracing our only bunny shape (and saving the pink one for Ivy, so sweet).  Then he cut out the shape that he had traced.

He was excited to try out the Tape Discs from Bostik as we haven't had these before.  They are just simple circle shaped pieces of tape that are easy for him to peel from the sheet.  He used these to stick his bunny to the craft stick.

Next he put some clear glue on his bunny and added some gems and other decorations to it.

He was on a roll after that, and just used his own creativity to make all sorts of different puppets.  He made a flower queen and one with a bee landing on a flower and started planning how he would make a puppet show already!

Ivy absolutely loves the Glu Dots, so she tried to use as many of those as she could to decorate her bunnies (and then covered them in clear glue as well!) 

We had to leave our puppets to dry overnight (we did use a lot of glue!) and then they were ready to play with and make puppet shows as our after school activity the next day!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to create these crafts.  All opinions are our own.*

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