17 months old

Glowing Easter Eggs


Today we made lots of Easter presents and Easter cards, then this evening we played with glowing Easter eggs!  We had a glow in the dark egg hunt, and even took our glowing eggs to the bath tub!

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What you'll need:

I bought a glow stick necklace and took the individual beads and put one in each egg. You can then tape the eggs shut, especially if you're using small bead glow sticks as you wouldn't want your little one to choke on them.  

Then I let Ethan explore and play with them in the dark and watch while we played with them and juggled them around. Then we took them to his room and put them around the room for him to find.  Finally we put them in the bathtub for him to play with in the dark.  

He was absolutely fascinated from start to finish.  Just exploring things in the dark, walking around in the dark to find the eggs, and having a bath in the dark were such different experiences for him.  He loved exploring and playing with the eggs, a fun activity for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World and definitely something we'll do again.

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