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Easter Sensory Bottles


I have been seeing a lot of slow falling sensory bottles and calm down jars lately and they are quite different from the oil and water sensory bottles that I have made in the past.  So I decided to give it a try with an Easter theme as a fun discovery and exploration activity.

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What you'll need:

I read a lot of different posts on how to make these slow moving sensory bottles and there are a lot of different ways to make them.  Some of the ingredients needed are not available in the UK (like corn syrup) or are just difficult to find or work with.  The easiest idea that I saw was to use clear hand soap, and as I happened to half some in the house that was definitely the ideal choice for us!  

To make the mixture I used a large glass measuring cup and first measured how much the small water bottles would hold (by filling one with water and pouring it into the measuring cup).  I then discarded that water and began by pouring half of the amount of warm water into the jug.  I then added the other half of clear hand soap.  I mixed these together with a small whisk and added some glitter, then used a funnel to pour it into the bottle when I added some Easter confetti.  This bottle moves slower than other sensory bottles that I have made, but I wanted it to be more so I tried another one.

With this second bottle I filled it only 1/4 with warm water and 3/4 clear hand soap.  Then I added glittler as well as a bit of glitter glue (a tiny squirt, I doubt that this made much difference) and then poured it into the second bottle and added some Easter confetti.  This bottle moves very slowly and it really is calming to watch all of the confetti move from one side to another.

I glued the lids on to keep them securely in place, especially as Ivy was very keen to try to get inside the bottles!  The kids are really enjoying playing with them, they can't take their eyes off of them!

And I can't wait to try making them again in larger bottles and with different things inside to really experiment with this method of making sensory bottles.

This post is part of the Kindergarten Blog Hop with this months unit study being Easter.  Each blog has a post from a different area of learning to make up a full unit, there are loads of great ideas to try with your Kindergarteners!

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  1. The little chicks floating around are adorable! My 1 year niece would love this!

  2. What a great Easter Sensory bottle! Thanks for allowing me to share in my Easter Roundup :)

  3. They look lovely! Can I ask why did you use warm water?

    1. The warm water was mostly just to soften the glitter glue a little bit and keep it from hardening too quickly, I doubt it made much difference to be honest!


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