Codenames Game Review


This month we have been playing Codenames from Asmodee as part of their Blogger Board Games Club.  

I actually think that I might have misread the information when I chose it as I thought that younger children could play, but Codenames is actually recommended for ages 10 and up.  Ethan is 8 and Ivy is 6, so they are a bit young, but as you play in teams we decided to have a go anyways, and they did really well and had so much fun!

The rules to the Codenames game seem quite complicated at first, so it is quite handy that there is a video that goes through the rules for you and shows an example of a game being played.  You soon realise that it isn't actually difficult to play at all.

We divided into two teams, which for us meant one parent with one child each.  To start with we had the parents being the Spymasters as we then lead the game and our partners just had to guess which card we were identifying from our one word clue.

The goal is to find all of your own teams agents first, to avoid the other teams agents and bystanders and definitely not to choose the assassin card.  The game is completely based on the clues that are given for the words on the cards.  So the Spymaster choose a card that coincides with the location of one of their agents on the grid.  Their teammate then points to one card, hoping that it is the right one.  If they are correct then the agent is placed there and the turn continues.  If they accidentally chose the wrong card then either one of the other teams agents or a bystander is placed there and play goes to the other team.  If they have chosen the spot of the assassin then the game is over.

The children got the hang of it really quickly and then both were quite keen to have a go at being Spymaster as well, which we found worked fine as long as one other parent was the other Spymaster as we could then help them as well.

We would definitely recommend the Codenames game to others.  It is aimed at older children and would be great fun if they could really all get stuck in, but if you have a family with mixed age children than I do think it could work for you as well.

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