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Bug Hunt


I love warm afternoons and how easy it can be to keep the kids busy and happy playing outside after school.  Sometimes all it takes is one little thing to give them and they are off creating all sorts of adventures.

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I picked up these cute little bug lockets (buy from Amazon UK / Amazon US) for them the other day, and they were so excited to get them on go on a bug hunt in the garden.  They set off straight away, spotting flies and trying to jump up and catch them.

When that didn't work we started to talk about where they might find bugs that they could catch and where they would live.  So we were moving leaves, sticks and rocks around to look underneath them and we found lots of bugs crawling around.

Then it was fun to try to identify them and of course to try to catch them!  That was definitely not easy, but we used leaves and sticks to lure them into our bug lockets and then carefully put the lid on.

The lid has a magnifying glass on top, so once we had a bug inside we could examine it and talk about the way that it crawls around and how many legs it has as well as its other features.

The kids had so much fun and learned loads about bugs at the same time, I see a lot of bug hunts in our future!

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