Making Thank You Signs for the Delivery People


There are so many people who are still going out and working during this time, and of course we are very thankful for all of the medical professionals and everyone who works at the grocery stores and pharmacies (and along the supply chain) but we're also very thankful for the people who are making deliveries to our house.  Many of these deliveries are now done with no contact for everyone's safety, so we don't get a chance to say thank you in person.  So we thought we could make little signs to put up in the window or on the door to thank them.

I just made a simple sign that the children can colour in and we can easily put up to thank our delivery driver who will drop off our milk in the morning and our grocery delivery later in the week.  We chose a rainbow for our signs as many people are putting rainbows in their windows to brighten up the neighbourhoods, so they seemed the perfect symbol.

The children were really excited to do some colouring and enjoyed finding the rainbow colours to make their signs nice and bright.  Of course you could also just design your own thank you sign and make it specific to any delivery people that you have coming to your house as well.

While we were thinking of the delivery people I also made an effort to clean up the area by our front door and disinfect the doorknob, doorbell and anything else that may be touched for everyone's safety.

Download your own sign to colour in here!

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