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30 Day Kids Reading Challenge


We have reached a real reading slump, Ethan is half way into his first year of school, he has learned the basics of reading, learned all of his sight words and moved onto the third level of reading books, but now he's just not interested anymore.  So I am looking for a way to get him motivated!  So we are setting ourselves a challenge to read a book each day for a month!  I was just going to print out a blank calendar and write the different books on it each day, but I thought that we ought to make it fun and silly each day to keep Ethan interested.

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So I've come up with 30 different ways to read a book, these can be the books that they bring home from school, reading books that you've got at home or books from the library. We will also be reading books online some days as Ethan's school has a special program they can use (but there are plenty of other reading apps you can choose for the 'read on a screen' day)

  1. Read in the dark (use a flashlight / torch)
  2. Read while dressed up like a book character
  3. Read in a den / fort
  4. Read out loud in a funny voice
  5. Read the story then make up your own ending
  6. Do 3 jumping jacks / star jumps after reading each page
  7. Read under a cosy blanket
  8. Read in a whisper
  9. Read on a screen (phone / tablet / computer)
  10. Read outside
  11. Have a reading snack (cheese and crackers look like the pages of a book!)
  12. Sing each sentence after you read it
  13. Write a sentence about the book when you finish
  14. Read to your toys
  15. Read to someone on the phone
  16. Squeeze a ball of play dough while you read
  17. Read under the table
  18. Read while standing on one leg like a flamingo
  19. Retell the story to someone after you finish reading
  20. Read upside down
  21. Draw a picture of the story
  22. Balance a book on your head while you read
  23. Write a letter to a character in the book after reading
  24. Read in a tent
  25. Read wearing sunglasses
  26. Build a Lego scene of the story
  27. Use puppets to act out the story
  28. Make a reading pointer and use it to follow along while you read
  29. Record yourself reading and watch it back
  30. Make funny faces while you read
  31. Choose your favourite way to read and do it again!

We have a selection of reading books at home from various different reading schemes and with characters that Ethan likes.  I try not to buy the books from the main reading programs that they use at school so that we don't overlap, but here's a few of the reading schemes we use if you're looking for books to buy or borrow:

Download our printable calendar to keep track of all of the books that you read this month!

Or pin this idea for another month:

If you'd like to join us I am sure that we could all motivate each other!  Use #30DayKidsReadingChallenge on social media and tag us (links below) and we can all join in the fun together!

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  1. I love this idea to make reading more fun. Definitely going to print it out and give it a go with my 2 early readers.


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