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Planting Flowers for the Bees


It's almost spring time and we are ready to start planting some flowers.  The kids always love planting seeds and watching them grow, and in the past I have focused on the growth of the seeds, so I thought it might be fun this time to talk about what happens to the flowers after they've grown, specifically the job of the bees!  And what better way than to make some cute little bee planters to watch our flowers grow in.

What you'll need:
  • yogurt pots / plant pots 
  • yellow and black washi tape
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • pipe cleaners
  • soil
  • flower seeds

First we wrapped the yellow and black tape around our yogurt pots to make the bees stripey.  The kids always love playing with tape, so this was a fun part for them!

Then we added some little googly eyes to our bees with glue, and wrapped a pipe cleaner around the top and bent it over to make antennas.

Then we filled our little bee planters with soil and sowed our seeds.  This is when we talked a lot about planting seeds and what they need to grow.  We watered our seeds and put them in a sunny spot to help them grow, then talked about the job of the bees and how they help to spread the pollen around the flowers (and also make delicious honey!)

Then we finished off by buzzing around the garden pretending to be bees going from flower to flower.  The kids can't wait to see their flowers grow and to put them outside for the bees!

This post is part of the Kindergarten blog hop, this month we're covering the Spring unit, take a look at all of these great ideas to help plan your lessons and activities.

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  1. How cute are those bees! What a wonderful way to talk about the process concerning bees! Plus that tray is amazing!!!!


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