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Adding up to Five Activity


Ethan is starting to learn to add.  It's almost taken me by surprise because he just started picking it up naturally, and now he's really interested in adding numbers together.  Of course we want to keep it fun, so today we're using his Paw Patrol erasers to learn all of the different ways to add numbers together to make five (number bonds to 5).

What you'll need

It was so simple to set up, I took 2 little sorting bowls and placed the erasers in them.  Then I put them on a large piece of paper and wrote a '+' symbol between them and wrote '=5' after them.  I sat Ethan down at the table and he was excited straight away, because he loves Paw Patrol and was happy to do anything using these erasers.  I asked him how many erasers were in the first bowl and the second, then how many there were altogether.  I explained to him what the symbols were and then asked him to mix up the erasers into the two bowls.

We did this a few times, he enjoyed putting different combinations of the characters together and happily went through the addition phrase with me each time.

By the end we had gone through all of the possible combinations and explored all of the number bonds for 5.  He really did seem to grasp it quite well, I was so impressed!  So to extend things further I asked him if he could write the number of erasers under each bowl, and copy the symbols from above as he's just learning to write numbers as well.  He did a great job and was so happy to have a try.

This post is part of the Tools for Learning blog hop, this week a collection of bloggers from around the world are all using mini erasers for learning activities, take a look for some fun inspiration with erasers!

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  1. I never knew you could get Paw Patrol erasers. I bet Ethan was over the moon!

    1. Oh yes, I'm pretty sure that there's nothing that you can't get with Paw Patrol on it now!


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