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Peppa Pig's Surprise - Review


We've been to see Peppa Pig Live in the newest show called Peppa Pig's Surprise.  It's touring around the UK at the moment, we saw it here in London but you can check the tour website for all of the upcoming dates.

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We managed to keep it a surprise from the kids, even though we dressed them both in Peppa and George t-shirts and let them bring their Peppa and George toys with them on the train, they didn't ask any questions!  Then as we came closer to the theatre we started spotting children carrying Mr Dinosaur balloons and the kids began to suspect that something was up.  Then we saw a sign for the show and Ethan and Ivy got very excited about what was going to happen!

We got to our seats and Ivy was excited just to see the set, it was already like being in Peppa Pig's world!  She got a bit restless as we waited for the show to start, but as soon as the music came on and the first characters came onto the stage she was absolutely transfixed.  When we saw Peppa's head poke out for the very first time Ivy pointed and shouted 'There's Peppa!!!' and was physically shaking with excitement!  I don't think that I've ever seen her so amazed as that moment.

The show did not disappoint, all of the scenes were staged so well and took place in favourite places from the show like the little red car, the bath and the bunk beds which the kids were so excited to see.  The songs were catchy and got the kids involved with the actions.  The story was sweet and kept the kids interested in what the surprise from Mummy and Daddy Pig would be. 

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The kids absolutely loved the show from start to finish and didn't want to leave when it was over!  I would highly recommend that you take your children to see it as it really is sweet and any little Peppa Pig fans will be completely in awe of seeing their favourite characters up on the stage.  It's a great first show to take kids to as there are so many young children that no one notices if your little one is noisy or moves around a lot in their seats.  It was fantastic and we may just have to go see it again!

Image from Peppa Pig's Surprise
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* This is a review post, we were given tickets to see Peppa Pig's Surprise in order to write our honest opinions about it.*

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  1. Very informative review. Glad your littles one enjoyed it. I was given some tickets. Loved the day out with daughter but I think my 4 year old did not love the show. The narrator was amazing but did not like the cold water being squirted at you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Oh no! I completely forgot about that part as we were sitting a bit further back and didn't get squirted! You're right though, they should probably warn you about the water!


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