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Snowballs in the Bath


We are having such a warm winter, I don't know if we have any chance of getting a snow day any time soon, so we've got to create our own snow!  I was absolutely inspired by this Bath Snow from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  It's such a brilliant idea!

It only takes one simple ingredient, baking soda!  But I will send you over to the Bath Snow post for the rest of the details (it really is easy to make!)  I had Ethan help me to make it, and it's fun to play with right from the beginning.  Mixing it up it starts to feel like snow straight away, we happily played with it as it was for ages!

Once we made it the right consistency we started to pack it into snowballs.  This wasn't easy because it can be a bit crumbly, but we certainly had fun trying and giggling when the snowballs fell apart in our hands.

Once we had made a handful of good little snowballs we put them in the freezer for the day, to keep them nice and cold for bath time later on.

When I brought them up to the bath the kids were both so excited!  They each took a snowball straight away and started to squeeze and squish to break it up into snow.  Then they crumbled up the snow and dropped it into the tub.  They talked about how cold it felt and how it crunched in their hands.  

They kept going back for more and more snowballs, experimenting with different ways to play with them.  Ivy's favourite thing to do was squish them in her hands, while Ethan liked to hold them underwater and watch them dissolve between his fingers.

We will definitely be making bath snowballs again, thanks so much to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the idea!

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