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Shaving Foam Snowmen


Today we have been playing with shaving foam!  Things got very messy, but the kids had so much fun.  It really was a reminder of how simple a set up can be for the kids to become totally engaged and how much fun messy play really is!

What you need

  • shaving foam (not the gel)
  • plastic tray
  • plastic 'hats' (we used stacking cups)
  • sticks 
  • tiny pom poms 
  • orange pipe cleaner 
  • red ribbon

I started by giving each of the children a tray with all of their materials on it.  They were both very interested in what we were going to do!  Then I gave Ethan the can of shaving cream and let him squirt some onto his tray.  I told him that we wanted to make a snowman, so could he squirt one big pile of foam, one medium sized pile and one small pile on top.  He had a lot of fun squirting the foam onto his tray!

For Ivy I squirted the foam onto her tray as she doesn't have the strength in her hands to push down the button herself yet.  Then asked her to put all of the accessories onto the foam to make a snowman.  We put the cup on it's head for a head, the sticks at the sides for arms, the pom poms on for eyes, the pipe cleaner as a carrot nose and the ribbon as a mouth.

Ivy was very proud of her creation, and a little bit unsure about touching the shaving foam, so she carefully poked at it and used the stick the move the foam around the tray.

Unlike Ethan who dove right in and used a different technique to try to mould the foam into a snowman shape to then add the accessories.  Of course his hands were then so covered in foam that it wasn't easy, but he did manage to put everything on his snowman...it was just buried under the foam!

Eventually Ivy grew in confidence and started to get messy with the shaving foam, and Ethan loved it so much it was hard to tear him away!  They were both up to their elbows in shaving foam and completely focussed on exploring it in every way.  

We will definitely be playing with a lot more shaving foam!

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