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Valentine's Day Initial Sound Matching Activity


We are all about making learning fun, I really do find that Ethan is so much more receptive to activities when they are bright and colourful.  So Valentine's Day is the perfect theme for bright red hearts and other objects to look at and identify the sounds that the words begin with.

What you'll need:

The activity was simple to set up.  I filled up the heart shaped tub with all of the letters then went though our toys and found anything with a Valentine's Day theme or that was red or pink in colour.

Then I gave Ethan the tub and just let him have a dig through, discovering all of the different objects that were in there.  I simply had to suggest to him that he match up the toys with the sound that they start with and he was ready to do it.  He found the strawberry first and dug around for the 'ssssss' proudly finding the s and putting them together on the mat.

He continued that way until he was able to find the initial sound for all of the objects in the tub.  He was so happy once he had done the last one and only asked for help a couple of times throughout.  If he did ask for my help I would take out a handful of letters and we would identify each sound together, and I would then ask if that was the one that he was looking for.

Once we had finished we put everything back into the heart tub and left it out for him to go back to and play with on his own.  Now that he knows how to use it he won't need my help to get going the next time, and it will be an easy activity to change to suit different themes.

This post is part of the Kindergarten Blog Hop.  Each month a bunch of bloggers get together to put all of our ideas together for a whole unit of study in Kindergarten.  This month the theme is Valentine's Day and my Initial Sound Matching is the phonics activity. For all of the other areas of learning, check out these other blog posts:

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  1. What a colorful bin! Love that heart pail - so perfect for this activity!

    1. Thanks so much, we really are trying to use that heart bin for as many activities as we can!

  2. What a fantastic activity to practise initial sounds. I bet it was amazing how many red and pink objects you found!

    1. It is just incredible how many random little toys we have!


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