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Mini Lanterns for Chinese New Year


Making Chinese lanterns is a craft that I've always done as a teacher, and to be honest it wasn't easy with a whole class of children.  Either I did most of the work for them in advance, or we went through a lot of paper when they didn't quite understand how they should be cutting them.  One on one is definitely the way to go with lanterns, Ethan got a lot of great scissor practise and really did make these all by himself.

What you'll need:

  • white card
  • red crayon
  • stamps and a red stamp pad
  • red markers
  • red washi tape
  • string
  • scissors

First we folded the pieces of white card in half, then Ethan cut along the fold to make smaller pieces.  

Next we decorated each of our six pieces of card.   For the first two we used the stamps to make symbols all around the paper.  This is a great opportunity to talk about Chinese symbols, and possibly even try to do some Chinese writing with older children.

For our next two pieces of paper we did some simple rubbings with the side of a crayon to make the paper all red.

Then for our last two pieces Ethan used the markers to draw a picture of a dragon (in one of them the dragon is breathing fire) but to be honest these pictures turned out so lovely that Ethan didn't want to cut them (and I don't blame him) so we didn't end up using them as lanterns!

For the stamped and coloured with crayon pictures Ethan then folded each one in half and used his scissors to cut in lines nearly to the end.  He did a really good job of this and I didn't give him too much instruction on it as we're really working on building his confidence.

Then we used the washi tape to secure the ends on each side and to make the lantern shape.  Ethan loves using tape so he was very happy to do this part!

Then we hung up our string and Ethan used the washi tape to make the handles of the lanterns and hang them up.  They look fantastic and I'm so proud of Ethan for really making them all by himself.

They make a great decoration for Chinese New Year all hung up in a row along our fireplace, and we might make some more to add to our collection!

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  1. These are so adorable! Thank you for sharing and have a Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much for hosting the blog hop, we've had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year!


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