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Valentine's Day Mirror Card


It's almost Valentine's Day and we're busy making cards for the people that we love.  This card is a special one as it's one that Ethan has made for his baby sister.  We were inspired by the baby books that have a mirror in them, so that they can see their own face.  Ivy loves these books, so we think that she is really going to like her special card.

What you'll need:

We started with a blank card, this one was already cut with a scalloped edge, but you could easily do this with craft scissors.  Next we stamped on our 'Happy Valentine's Day' message, I told Ethan which letters to use next, which is great for his letter recognition.

Next we used our glitter glue pens to write an I and to draw a heart on the front of the card, which we then left to dry.

For the inside of the card we used some heart shaped cookie cutters to trace a heart onto the purple card and a smaller heart onto the mirror card.  

Then Ethan cut these heart shapes out all by himself, which I'm very proud of as it's not easy to do. 

We used the white glue to stick the mirror heart to the sparkly heart and to stick the purple heart to the inside of the card.

Then we used our stampers again to write the word 'YOU' under the mirror heart.

Once the glitter glue was dry on the front we then decorated the card with some other hearts, butterflies and flowers which we stuck on with white glue.

Now our card is finished and ready to give to Ivy on Valentine's Day!

* This is a review post and also contains affiliate links, we were provided with craft supplies from Bostik in order to make this craft and write about it.*

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