4 years old

Sticky Hands, Sticky Feet


We've been having some fun with tape!  The kids have both been loving playing with tape lately, so I thought I would let them explore all of the stickiness for themselves.

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What you'll need:

This was such a simple activity to set up but so much fun that you've got to try it with the kids.  Ethan and I wrapped the tape around his hands, we wrapped it with the sticky side facing out and went around to his wrist so that it would stay on when he moved around.

Then we wrapped his feet in a similar way, with the sticky side out and going all the way up to his ankle to keep the tape in place.

Then it was time to play!  We started by picking things up, we put some pom poms out on the floor and Ethan put his hand down and started sticking them to his hand.  He was fascinated by how the pom pom just stuck, even when he turned his hand upside down.

Then he started separating out the pom poms, he decided with no prompting from me that he would collect up all of the blue pom poms on one hand and all of the pink pom poms on the other hand.

Then it was time to get his feet in on the fun!  That's when he started to just go for it, and put his feet right in the pile of pom poms without any plan.

Once he was done with the pom poms he started to crawl around on his hands and feet.  He said they were like suction cups, like one of his favourite tv characters has.  He was having so much fun just crawling around and having that feeling of his sticky hands and sticky feet on the floor.

He said that it felt funny and that he was sticking to the floor like a bug.  He played like this for ages and has asked to do it again a few times.  Who knew that you could have so much fun with just a bit of tape?

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