1 year old

Playing in the Dark


As the sun sets so much earlier in the winter we are often left with dark afternoons and looking for new ways to play.  One thing that we always love to do is play with toys that light up or glow in the dark.  It's a fun way to explore light and dark, to have some sensory play and to keep busy on a gloomy day.

We have quite a few play tents that we play with in different rooms of the house, but one afternoon we decided to set up our own little tent village all together with a tunnel to connect them.  

Then we collected all of the light up toys and glowing toys that we could find and filled the tents with them.  We also put in a few good books to read, then settled ourselves into the tents with some cushions and blankets for a cosy place to read with our lights.

Ethan and Ivy both absolutely loved it, they were able to have nice cosy quiet time for a little while, then experiment with the different lights, crawling through the tunnel and shining the lights through to guide their way.  It's a fun way to spend a dark afternoon that we'll probably be doing a lot more of throughout January and February!

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