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Balloon Igloo


We don't get very much snow here in London, we got a small sprinkling a few weeks ago, but that may be it for the whole winter.  So we do as much indoor pretend snow play as we possibly can.

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What you'll need:

I started by blowing up 25 white balloons, handing each one to the kids once it was inflated for them to bring it over to the play tent.  That was the first challenge, getting all of those balloons into the tent, and staying there!  Once we had all of the balloons inflated we had to problem solve to find a way to keep them all in the tent, which we did by balancing them and squeezing them in.

Then we added our play tunnel as the entrance to our tent, and it was time for the fun to begin!  

The children took turns going through the tunnel and making the balloons fly around like snowflakes falling through the air.  They found it so funny to crawl through, they were giggling like crazy.  It was so easy to set up and kept them busy for hours, the perfect rainy day activity when you don't have any real snow!

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  1. This looks like so much fun, definitely going to try it out with my daughter!

    1. Thanks so much, I hope that your little girl loves it as much as my two did!


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