2 1/2 years old

Can We Make Something?


Today my little darling Ethan uttered the words that every crafty Mama loves to hear, "Can we make something Mommy?"  It was incredible, I went to get him from his room after his nap, and after he told me about his dream ("...it was too cloudy to see the airplanes") he asked if we could make something!  He has never asked before, I'm always suggesting things to make.  He is always excited to do it, but this was still a first.  

I asked him if he wanted to make something with paper, like a drawing, or to do mixing with a bowl and spoon.  He said that he wanted to do mixing, so we came downstairs and made some Kool Aid Play Dough.  It's such a quick and easy thing to make (click on the link for the recipe) which made it easy to put Ivy down for a couple of minutes to stir up all the ingredients. We also just happened to find Kool Aid in the world foods section of Tesco the other day for only 30p a pack, so there will be a lot of Kool Aid play dough creations in our future!

Then after we made it, to give it a bit of an Easter twist, we rolled it into balls and put it into some Easter eggs and we'll share some with Ethan's friends.  Ethan loved putting the play dough into the eggs, this could be an activity on it's own.  Rolling it up, squishing it in, opening and closing the eggs, such fun!

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