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Water Beads Sensory Bottle


We have recently discovered water beads, and are having so much fun exploring with them. The first time that we played with them ended up turning into a simple activity in making our own sensory bottles, the kids were absolutely fascinated by them.  You have got to try it!  We have also played a water bead pick up game that was a real challenge for the kids!

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What you'll need:

  • water beads
  • large bowl or container
  • water
  • plastic bottles
  • scoops or spoons (optional)

We started by putting the water beads into a large container and adding water.  Then we came back throughout the day to check on them and see how much they had grown.  The kids thought that it was incredible to see them getting bigger each time, and we had a play every time we checked on them to see if they felt different.

Then when the water beads had reached their full size (or we were just tired of waiting and ready to play) we put the container on the floor and played with scoops and spoons, stirring the water beads around and picking up handfuls to feel them slip through our fingers.

I got out some small plastic bottles and the kids started filling them up with water beads.  They used the spoons for some of it, but mostly used their hands to pick up the slippery little beads.  It's a great activity for fine motor skills and coordination to get the water beads into the small opening of the plastic bottles.

Then we put the lid on the bottle and moved it back and forth, watching the water beads moving around.  In one of the bottles we added a bit more water and were amazed at the effect it had on the colours of the water beads as they now seemed to fade at the edges and sort of blend together.  It looked so lovely when you held it up to the window, this is the one that the kids just didn't want to put down as it was completely mesmerising!

It was so simple but we kept playing with these bottles for days, and we'll definitely be doing it again!

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  1. I love this idea. Water beads are great for both sensory and science. So calm and relaxing.


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