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Tea Party Imaginative Play


One of my favourite pretend play games when I was little was to have a tea party with all of my toys, so it's a really fun one to pass on to my children as well.  And of course you have got to have a lovely tea set to be able to play!  

So when I was invited to Hema in Kingston and given a shopping challenge, it was not difficult to decide what I was going to buy!  They challenged us to make our own collection of Hema products using a £25 gift card, and after a good look around the shop I found the wooden toys section and fell in love with all of the tea set pieces.

I chose:

The whole set looks so cute together and is very inviting for imaginative play.  I brought the set home and set it all up for the children so that they would wake up and see it there in their little wooden kitchen.  They both saw it straight away and were very excited to play tea party!

We set everything up on a little tea towel (as our tablecloth) on the floor and sat down for tea together.  Ethan handed out the plates to each of us and we chose our own cakes from the cake stand.  It's a really fun way to learn about good table manners and sharing.  I reminded the children to say please and thank you, and to reach carefully over the table to pick things up.  They took turns pouring the tea and drinking from the cute little tea cup.  

We absolutely love wooden toys and these are fantastic quality and make a great addition to our kitchen set.  The Hema shop in Kingston had a fantastic collection of wooden toys, and I can see that they have even more online, so it's definitely worth taking a look!

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* This is a review post, we were given a gift card from Hema to spend how we like in the shop in order to create a collection to review and give our honest opinions about.*

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