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Water Bead Pick Up Game


Today we made up a fun new game with water beads!  We wanted to see which different tools we could use to pick them up and which would be the most effective.  Water beads are so slippery that it was hilarious fun to play with them this way, you've definitely got to take up the challenge at home!

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What you'll need:

As soon as I placed the container of water beads in front of Ethan and Ivy they wanted to dive right in, so I quickly explained to them that we wanted to do an experiment to see which tools would pick up water beads best.  Ethan was very excited to put them all to the test (Ivy just wanted in there!) 

First we tried with the tweezers, these are fantastic for building up hand strength and for fine motor skills.  Ethan has mastered them and was able to pick up one water bead at a time if he really focused on it.  Ivy still struggles with them and easily gave up and started picking up the water beads with her hands (she didn't quite understand the challenge!)

Next we tried the scoops.  To make things fair (or more challenging for Ethan!) I gave Ivy a large scoop and Ethan a tiny scoop and they raced to see who could pick up the most water beads with their scoops.  This is when I introduced the timer to see who could pick up the most in 30 seconds.  It was fun to see them trying so hard to carefully pick up those slippery water beads without dropping them all on the ground.

Finally I let them dive in with their hands, I tried to say that they had to use pincher fingers to pick up the water beads but of course they were grabbing handfuls!  Once the commotion died down I was able to get them to try picking them up between two fingers and really challenge themselves.

Then I let them play freely with the water beads whilst we discussed which methods were best and why all of them were a bit tricky (those slippy water beads!) The kids had so much fun and were roaring with laughter all the way through!  A fun way to keep them busy with just a few simple materials.

This post is part of a Tools for Learning series, look at all of these great ways to play with tongs and fine motor tools!

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