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Gold at the End of the Rainbow Craft


St Patrick's Day is coming and what better reason to make a rainbow craft!  We love rainbows and the idea that there's a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow has got Ethan very excited, so we decided to make our own!

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What you'll need:

We started by painting a rainbow onto a piece of card.  This was great for Ethan as we always just do free painting, so having my painted rainbow to look at for reference and try to copy was a real challenge.  He did so well though, and was very proud of himself when he saw his finished rainbow!

Next Ethan painted the inside of the yogurt pot with the sparkly gold paint.  It is the perfect pot of gold shape, and we've used these same pots it our gold in the rainbow discovery bin as well!

Once the paint was dry the rainbow was ready to be cut out.  This is great for Ethan's scissor skills as it was a simple task that I didn't need to help with, he just followed along the lines at the top and bottom of the rainbow.

Next Ethan used the glue to stick the little gold gems to the bottom of the yogurt pot.  This was more challenging than I thought because of the pot being so small.  It was great for Ethan's fine motor control and coordination to get the gems in and stuck down the right way around!

Finally Ethan put glue all around the inner edge of the yogurt pot and stuck a few small pieces of gold tissue paper all along.  This way you can see the gold glowing out of the top of the pot, as well as seeing the golden gems from up close.  Then he just tucked his rainbow into the yogurt pot and he was finished, and very proud of his creation!

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