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Bottle Dragon Craft


We don't really need an excuse to make a dragon craft, but as it is approaching St George's Day it is a great way to read and extend the story of St George and the Dragon by making this fun dragon out of a recycled bottle.

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What you'll need:

To start I cut the green card into scales and gave them to Ethan to layer around the plastic bottle.  He put glue on the back of each one of them and placed them side by side around the base of the bottle.  

We found that using an elastic band around the layer of scales that we had just finished helped to keep them in place while the glue dried.  Then we added another layer of scales, carefully tucking them under the first layer and repeating over and over again until the whole bottle was full of scales.

Ethan then stuck on two red buttons to be the dragon's eyes and a green button for the dragon's nose.  We had a couple of scales left over and decided that the dragon needed something else, so we folded the ends over and stuck those down to be the dragon's ears.

The finishing touches on the dragon were to stick the red mesh material into the top of the bottle to be the fire that he's breathing out and to decorate his scales with the green glitter glue to make them shimmer.

Now we have a dragon that St George would be proud to slay for his princess!

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* This is a review post, we were provided with a box of craft supplies and Bostik glue products from Bostik in order to make our dragon.*

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