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A Super Fun Easter Basket for Kids


It's almost Easter and I've been busy filling up Easter baskets with all sorts of fun things for Ethan and Ivy.  I like to get them some new toys and games to play with, some that are educational and some just for fun.  They are also getting some healthy treats, because they will get enough other chocolate for Easter anyway!

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I decided this year to be a bit different, so for Ethan's Easter basket I've used a big green flexible bucket instead of a basket.  This way we can use the bucket afterwards for toy storage or for messy play!

The big surprise this year is that each of the children is getting a big Easter present as well as all of the little ones.  Ethan is going to absolutely love this Toy Picnic Set from The Great Little Trading Company.  Ethan loves picnics more than anything, as soon as it's a sunny day he asks if we can go for a picnic.  And this spring doesn't seem like it's going to warm up very quickly, so this way we'll be able to have some pretend indoor picnics until we're able to bring the fun outside!  This set is absolutely adorable, I love wooden toys and this wooden food inside a real basket is so authentic and lovely, it will really add something special to our play times.  I also love that some of the food is stuck together with velcro, so we can work on cutting skills to separate them, learn about fractions with the segments of the food and work on sharing all at the same time!

He will also be getting The Game of Ladybirds.  This is a great game for consolidating counting skills and working on subitizing (recognising or counting quickly just by seeing the number of dots) by matching up the number of dots on the dice, on the cards and on the ladybirds.  We're going to have a lot of fun playing this game!

He is also going to love these WOW Eggs from WOW Toys, he will expect Mr Chirpy Chick - Chris to pop out of the egg I'm sure, but he won't be expecting My Dinky Dino - Tricksy, that will be a real surprise!  Then he'll get to add them to his WOW Toys collection, and have them being carried around on vehicles in no time!

I've also put in a couple of Funny Face Egg Jump Ups from Baker Ross that are sure to entertain the kids for hours.  

And for some healthy treats Ethan gets to try these new Crunchy Grapes from Kiddylicious, which sound really yummy.  He's also got a box of his favourite Farm Animal Biscuits from Organix.  The Easter Bunny also puts little boxes of raisins and mini oaty bites from Organix in the eggs that he hides for the kids Easter Egg hunt!

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