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Paw Patrol Easter Bonnet


It's almost Easter and Ethan was very excited to find out that there will be an Easter bonnet parade at his preschool on the last day before Easter break.  Well, we could have just decorated an Easter bonnet with little chicks and eggs, but just to be a bit different Ethan decided that he wanted a Paw Patrol Easter bonnet!  So of course I was happy for a challenge and we came up with some ideas of how to make it happen together!

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What you'll need:

First we had to come up with a plan, and this started with the idea that we would make six Easter eggs, each themed to one of the pups of the Paw Patrol.  We had a few different ideas, but finally settled on simply painting the eggs the colours of the pups and decorating with their collar and pup tag (badge with their symbol).  Ethan painted six polystyrene eggs, one each in blue, red, yellow, orange, green and pink.

Once the eggs were dry he put a piece of washi tape or electrical tape around the middle to look like the collar.  A black collar on the blue egg for Chase, a yellow collar on the red egg for Marshall, a black collar on the yellow egg for Rubble, a blue collar on the orange egg for Zuma, an orange collar on the green egg for Rocky and a pink collar on the pink egg for Skye.

Then we made their pup tags by cutting out the badge shape from the silver card, then a smaller badge shape in white card.  Ethan then drew each of the pups symbols (a star for Chase, a flame for Marshall, a wrench for Rubble, an anchor for Zuma, a recycling symbol for Rocky and a propeller symbol for Skye) in marker on the white badge and coloured around it with the corresponding colour using coloured pencils.  

He then stuck the white badge to the silver badge and left the glue to dry before then sticking the whole badge to the collar on the egg.  We then left the eggs to dry whilst we got going on the rest of the bonnet.

Our first idea was to make a large Paw Patrol symbol for the middle of the hat, so that's just what we did.  Ethan probably could have drawn it himself, but I found this great Paw Patrol colour by numbers printable on Nick Jr's website, so we printed that out for him to colour in.  Then we cut it out and stuck it onto a larger badge made from the silver card.

Our final idea was to make the middle of the hat into the lookout!  We did this really simply by cutting a piece of blue foam sheet and a piece of red foam sheet into a circle slightly larger than the middle of the hat.  Then we stuck a small clear yogurt pot onto the blue foam circle and stuck a chick (that's Chickaletta) and a bunny (the Easter Bunny) inside the yogurt pot with glue and left them to dry.  Then I poked a small hole in the middle of the red foam circle and Ethan stuck a yellow bendy straw through it to look like the periscope.  We then glued all around the yogurt pot to stick the red foam circle to the top.

Finally we used this very strong spray glue (super glue would work as well) to stick all of the different elements to the hat so that they won't fall off too easily, and left it to dry.

Ethan is so excited to wear his Paw Patrol Easter bonnet to preschool on Thursday.  It certainly is different, and he's so very proud of it!

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  1. Love this. It's so unique. You've inspired me to have a go at a Snow White one x


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