2 1/2 years old

Making and Sailing Boats


We're home from our weekend away in Cornwall, and inspired by the all of the things that we did and saw to do lots of fun activities at home.  So we decided to make our own boats like we saw in the harbour, and sail them in the tuff spot in the garden. Making the boats as part of Ethan's Creative Development and seeing how they float on the water as part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

We used empty plastic containers as our boats, as reminders of our holiday one was a bottle of Cornish milk and the other was a tub of yummy snacks that we ate in the car.  The first thing that we did was to make the sails.  Ethan rolled some playdough into a ball and put it at the bottom of each container, then he stuck in a stirring stick (but you could use a straw) to be the mast. Then I cut out triangle shapes of card to be the sails and Ethan coloured them with crayons, which I then stuck onto the stick with tape.  Then Ethan covered the containers with PVA glue, and he stuck on small pieces of tissue paper and put more glue over the top to seal them in.

We left the glue to dry for a few hours, then we filled the tuff spot with water and brought the boats outside to try them out.  Ethan was so excited!  When I said that we were going to play with our boats, I don't quite think that he knew that it would actually involve water!  Needless to say, he got absolutely soaked, but he had such fun.  He was pushing the boats back and forth across the water, we got some of his other toy boats to play in there as well and he asked for people to put in the boats.  Eventually I had to drag him inside as it was getting cold and he was soaking wet, with the promise that we could play boats again on a warmer day.  Making and sailing boats was a definite success!

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  1. So cute. My girls love playing with water especially floating and sinking. To be fair I'm still very keen on doing it as well :) (zingzingtree)

  2. So much fun! Thanks for sharing at the Mumsnet linky.

  3. What a fab frugal idea. Thank you for joining in with #FabulouslyFrugal this week. Please do come back on Sunday to see if you have been features and join in again.


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