2 1/2 years old

Rock Sculptures


We are still wishing that we were back in Cornwall by the seaside, but we brought back a collection of rocks and shells to play with back at home.  Today we brought them outside and made some rock sculptures.  On our way to Cornwall we drove past Stonehenge, so this was our inspiration for stacking our rocks artfully.  Ethan may not have appreciated the significance of Stonehenge, but it's great for his Physical Development to stack with unusually shaped rocks instead of his usual blocks.

At first Ethan really didn't understand what I was on about, but after I showed him a few different ways of stacking the rocks he gave it a try.  He put a few rocks on top of each other and then a 'lid' to top it all off.  He loves playing with those rocks, and was mostly happy just moving them around on the tray and running around carrying them, maybe recreating Stonehenge was a bit ambitious for his age, but we had fun anyway!

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