2 1/2 years old

Making a Laptop Bag


I love that Ethan is now coming up with his own ideas for things to make!  The other night out of the blue (right before bedtime) he came to me and said "Can we make a bag out of paper for my laptop?" I have no idea where it came from, but it was so cute that it was his plan, how could I resist?  I managed to convince him to wait until the next day though.

Of course he woke up and the first thing that he asked was to make a laptop bag (this kid has an incredible memory!)  We got out some paper and crayons for him to get started on decorating the bag.  I figured that paper wouldn't actually be strong enough to hold his toy laptop, so we then stuck the paper to a cereal box, which fits his laptop perfectly.  Then I punched holes in the side of the box and put a string through to be the strap of the bag.  

Ethan then proudly put the laptop in and put the bag over his shoulder, walking straight to the front door and announced that he was going to work like Daddy.  He's so cute!

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