2 1/2 years old

Seeking Out Danger with my Telescope


While we were in Cornwall we didn't bring many toys for Ethan, but luckily he's happy to play with a variety of regular objects.  We were snacking in the car and had a tube of Mini Eggs (yum!) and I passed the empty tube back to Ethan, right away he was using it is an musical instrument, drumming it and making popping sounds.  Then he held it up to his eye, and that was it, his new favourite toy was born.  Ethan loves his telescope, he then carried it around for the rest of our weekend away, he had to have it at all times.  He also started saying 'I'm seeking out danger with my telescope...' which we finally realised was a line from his Octonauts book, not just something he had randomly come up with.

When we got home I thought that maybe we should make some improvements to the telescope. I wanted to make it an extendable telescope, so we got a tube from paper towel and put that over the Mini Eggs tube, it wasn't quite a snug fit, so I punched a hole in each tube and tied a string through both to keep them together and only allow them to extend to a certain point.  Then Ethan painted the tubes brown and decorated them with pirate and seaside stickers.  It looks great, and it's fantastic at seeking out danger!

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