2 1/2 years old

Seaside Play Tray


We've brought together a few of our different seaside crafts and activities to create our seaside play tray. For a bit of sensory material, and to involve Ivy in our play, the base of the tray is oats instead of sand. In our sand we have some sand toys as well as the rocks and shells that we collected on the beaches in Cornwall.  We also have the beach hut that we made set up, with a few play people to go in it.  Then I set up a container for water in which we could sail our boats. A whole small world seaside to play with and explore in a variety of ways. 

I set it all up and let Ethan explore first, he sailed his boats around the sea (I wasn't surprised at all that he went straight for the water!) But it didn't take long for him to dive into the "sand" and get messy. He definitely loves his sensory play! He was squishing it around through his fingers, scooping it up with the sand toys and burying his rocks in it. 

Then I put Ivy in the Bumbo chair and put her right into the Tuff Spot in the "sand".  She was too high up to be able to touch it with her hands, so I took her socks off so that she could have her toes in it. Then Ethan and I scooped up some of the oats and poured them over her toes (obviously he also poured some on her leggings, hands, and nearly on her head before I stopped him!) she seemed really intrigued by it, just watching and wiggling her toes. Of course she was also just happy watching Ethan play, being up close while he messed about and made up little stories with his play people going on the boats and into the beach hut. It was such a fun activity, and I'm loving that they can enjoy it together.

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  1. Great use of oats to substitute for sand - perfect activity for little ones and tiny ones #TuffSpotTuesday

    1. I love oats in the tuff spot, they feel so smooth, I end up sitting there playing with it as well :)

  2. What a great idea I have not used oats in years it definitely beats sand ! Thank you for joining in #TuffSpotTuesday


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